About Us


Dycon Productions, LLC is a new entertainment company in Kansas City that specializes in bringing women's entertainment to the Midwest.

Dycon Productions, LLC will be 'the place' for women in the Midwest (Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, Nebraska, Arkansas, Iowa and people from anywhere who want to take advantage of this opportunity) to go to when they are looking for entertainment. The company will be producing music concerts, comedy shows, conventions, parties and other festival and family fun events that feature women entertainers and icons.

DYCON Productions, LLC

Entertainment about women. Get your DYCON!

Our Community

It is important that the image of Dycon Productions, LLC be one that is aligned with community support. Lesbians and the LGBT community want to know that when they spend money with a company that some of the money goes back to support the community that they care about. This is one of the justifications for some customers to spend money. We will support Pride and other LGBT causes and be recognized as a company who supports the LGBT community.

Our Street Team

Our street team is responsible for distributing flyers, posters and handbills throughout the city at colleges, schools and all types of events. They also attend events as photographers, runners and general helpers.

Some of our street team work behind the scenes on website and online projects, video and photography and more!

If you are interested in being on our street team send us a resume and a letter about yourself and why you want to be on the street team.

The street team is compensated mostly with concert tickets but, depending on the project, may be paid hourly or by the job.

Marketing Opportunities

DYCON welcomes corporate partnerships for some events and festivals from companies who support the Women, Lesbian and LGBT community and have diversity programs. With corporate partnerships we can bring bigger acts and events to the Midwest and make more contributions to the community.

Though we specialize in producing events with women entertainers, Dycon Productions, LLC customers are just regular people who like music, comedy, tv shows, movies and more and it doesn't matter if they are a woman or not - they just want to have fun!

Contact us for our Marketing Opportunity Package at info@dyconproductionsllc.com